Pre-Select assessment tool

Pre-Select assessment tool

It's frustrating when you invite a candidate for interview and they don't match your requirements. Take the guess work out of recruitment by using our Pre-Select tool.

Save money and time by using this tool early in the selection process.

  • Define your ideal candidate by intelligence, personality and preferences.
  • Assess candidate intelligence, personality and job/candidate fit.
  • Only interview candidates who match your needs.
  • Make first interviews more productive - avoid relying solely on CVs.

The Pre-Select report is a cost-effective way to assess candidates at the initial stage of the selection process. You maximise your selection effectiveness and increase the likelihood that the person appointed will perform well.

Use the TimelessTime version of the tool. Or have us customise a version just for you and your candidates. You'll have a unique introduction to your own firm. And we'll reflect your corporate colours in the tool and reports.

How to use this tool

The online Pre-Select test can be completed by candidates at a time to suit them. It can be completed using computer, tablet or mobile phone. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete and the results are easily administered and processed.

The tool has three parts:

  1. Multiple choice questions on verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning. This section is timed. The output reports on the candidate’s intelligence.
  2. Questions that illustrate personality, constructing a profile that shows how the candidate will think, feel and behave.
  3. Questions designed to describe the types of job in which the person will be most satisfied.

To preview the tool and for pricing please get in touch. Download a sample Pre-select report

Access the Pre-Select tool

Using the tool isn't the whole story - put in place some changes to get the most out of your people.