Define the ideal employee tool

Define the ideal employee tool

There are some basics that dictate whether an employee will excel. Fundamentally, their job preferences, personality and general mental ability must be congruent with the requirements of the job they are to do. It's important therefore to know the characteristics of people needed in each role.

Our tool allows you to select the job preferences, personality and general mental ability and produce a report for each job that you can use in your recruitment as a statement of requirement. Once determined, you then just need to find someone who meets that requirement!

Check out a sample of the tool now.

When you're done, let's chat about how you can search for, attract, select and get the best people on-board.

How to use this tool

The tool will guide you through the process to develop your 'ideal' job holder profile for the job you are evaluating.

Sample the full tool. Over a number of screens you will begin to determine an ideal profile. Use the sliders and read the accompanying text to define exactly what kind of person you need to excel in a particular job.

Once complete (full tool only) we will generate a report based on your 'ideal' job holder profile. You can then use this information, with our other tools, to recruit the best candidate for every job you recruit to. Download a sample report.

Using the tool isn't the whole story - put in place some changes to get the most out of your people.